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The KV Education Society was established in the year 2008 11th December and has been serving thousands of people in the field of education for nearly 8 years! Presently, KV Education Society manages a staggering 3+ institutions including schools, colleges and technical institutions . The society runs the institutes in the Ranebennur Taluk karnataka State. KV Education Society ran 1 institutions in the year 2008 and over the years, 3+ institutions have been set up during the period from 2008 to 2016 at different localities offering various courses.
The KV Education Society CBSE affiliated English Medium Schools cater to the educational needs in both urban and rural areas.Equipped with excellent infrastructure and facilities, the schools have performed exceptionally well as reflected in the 100%. The Schools offering education in regional languages Kannada and English have also emerged as wonderful stepping stones for prospectively bright opportunities for higher education and careers.
Pre-university education forms a key link between basic and professional education. In an effort to facilitate comprehensive learning, the society has started Independent PU Colleges which adopt an integrated approach to teaching and learning. Along doing satisfactory justice to the prescribed curriculum, these institutions also provide training for various competitive examinations including IIT-JEE and CET.The introduction of CBSE syllabus at the Pre-university stage has posed unique challenges especially to both students and faculty in the rural areas. The Society has taken the lead in equipping the teachers to deliver the new curriculum by organizing relevant orientation programs. The Society’s encouragement to scholastic talents of its students is not limited to traditional curricular activities but extends to bringing out their latent intellectual potential too.

Technical education has been the focus of KV Education Society right since the establishment of KV Polytechnic College at Ranebennur in 2009. KVE’s Technical institution include 1+ Polytechnic College .

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40% Complete (success)

Faculty / 75+

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Students / 1,000+

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Trust Members / 15+

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